Winching Services


    Winching is a procedure to haul or lift a vehicle. The name of the instrument gives the name to this procedure as winching. Mounting on a carrier vehicle’s back or to the back of a truck, a winch is used to either tow a vehicle or to pull a vehicle from ditches. 

How does winch work :

     The instrument has a wire rope with a hook-like holding mechanism to its end. The wire rope is wound around the spool of a cylindrical drum. This drum is powered by either an electric motor or hydraulic motor which can pull the wire rope towards itself. This helps the winch to pull vehicles that fell into a river or into ditches or went off-road.


     Along with hauling, the winch can tow a vehicle without using a powered rotor. This gives the superior advantage to the winches over other towing mechanisms. It has a simple and compact structure. Moreover, it is not bulky and remains attached to the vehicle.

     Every winch has its own hauling limit due to which the towing service providers usually have multiple winches with different winching capacity. However, this winching capacity comes down with time due to the wear and tear of these mechanical parts. Hence, servicing the winches once in a while is recommended to maintain the winching capacity.

To maintain your winch, you must make sure you find a practitioner with proper credentials and training to safely handle the integrity of your machinery. In this setting, do not go with the cheapest practitioner, rather, find a trusted source to handle your winch’s maintenance.

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Towing with a Tow Bar

Towing with tow bar:

    This is the simplest towing procedure of a vehicle. If the vehicle is not wrecked too much and if the wheels can move, then this is the preferable and most cost-efficient procedure. This article is written to provide information for our readers. For further information and to purchase visit the manufacturer

How is the towing done using the tow bar?

     A tow bar, usually made of strong metal, is attached to the back of the towing vehicle connecting the front end of the trailer vehicle. The connection is made firm enough to tow the trailer. Once the connection is made and checked, towing is done. 

     Unlike a dolly, this towing procedure involves rotation of all the four wheels of the trailer vehicle. However, this can result in the wear and tear of all the four wheels of the trailer. Moreover, as the trailer vehicle moves when it is in neutral gear, wearing of the engine also takes place if the towing is for a longer distance.      

     In spite of these drawbacks, if the towing is for shorter distance and cost efficiency is a priority, then this is an efficient procedure. By and large, travelers carry this tool along with them. Thus making it a personal towing equipment piece because of its simple and compact structure. 

      As the tow bar is usually made of strong metal which can hold the tension load between the vehicles, this doesn’t cause structural damage to trailing vehicles. 

      Wanna tow your vehicle to a nearby repair shop with minimal equipment and cost?  A tow bar is the best choice. We use Roadmaster’s products, visit their website, listed above in this article. …

Towing Damaged Vehicles

           When a vehicle is damaged that it cannot move or if it has met with an accident, towing of the vehicle is to be done for further repairs. Roadside services provide this towing and repair service as well as making the solution to the problem simple.

        The service providers tow the vehicle using wreckers and by implementing equipment according to the trailer vehicle. The towing mechanisms available are the boom, wheel lift, integrated lift, flatbed, lift flatbed. Depending upon the damage of the vehicle and its capacity, the towing mechanism is chosen.

     For example, if the car is completely immobile, a flatbed is used where the vehicle is completely lifted and carried on the bed of the wrecker. If the car is mobile but has other troubles, then a wheel lift is used, making the rear wheel pair to move along with the wrecker.

      This service can also be used for lifting vehicles from ditches and off roads if the vehicle had an accident. Thus, the roadside service provider is more practical who tows the vehicle and gets it repaired in their garage which is not such with normal towing services that do not provide vehicle repair services. Therefore, always use caution and exercise proper judgment when using a service for towing of your vehicle…

Towing Essentials and Fundamentals


What is towing?

     Towing, in its basic sense, means to aid the movement of other vehicles by pulling it. This can be done with automobiles on road, cargo in rivers, aircrafts and gliders. The names of vehicles involved in towing are different for different means of transport. However, they can be, in general, called “tractor-trailer vehicles”.

     The key factors for successful towing is the power generated by towing trucks and the type of joint between tower and trailer vehicles. 

Towing vehicles: 

    Towing capacity of a vehicle depends upon the power generated by that vehicle. Hence choice of vehicle is made based upon the trailer load and means of transport.  

     For roadways it can be either another car or towing truck or a tractor. Usually this is done for wrecked or damaged vehicles or due to violation of Government regulations or parking tickets. For aircrafts, it can be other aircrafts or towing trucks. This is primarily used to power other damaged aircrafts or for pushback from dock to taxiway. Tug boats are used these days to haul cargo on rivers. However tug boats aren’t used for too long distances, usually not as long as hundreds of nautical miles, as it might minimize the efficiency of transport.     

Towing instruments:

     The joint between tractor and trailer is important that it needs to sustain extreme tensions while pulling is done. There are many tools and methods employed. Depending upon the heaviness of the vehicle anything ranging from rope, chain, hitches, drawbar, fifth wheel are used.

      It’s the combination of instruments used and vehicles used along with practical knowledge of  this process make towing an efficient task.  …

Safety Measures When Towing

Towing a car is never fun for anyone. However, towing is required in several situations and is very useful. Car problems can happen anywhere and at anytime. That been said, towing services could be your last hope.

The time between your car breaking down and you finally arriving at the garage is crucial as many things could go wrong. This article seeks to provide you with information on the safety measures to take when towing a car.

The first thing you need to worry about is your safety because you need to make sure that your car makes it. Therefore, when your car is having trouble in the middle of the road turn on your emergency blinkers before you stop and exit the car. This alerts other drivers and prevents any collision. Exit the car and step away 5o the side of the road to call for help. If the car already stopped or broke down, use the portable hazard signs to alert other drivers. You should also use flares or warning markers at least 100 yards behind your car.

When calling for help, ensure that you select a qualified service to prevent damage to your vehicle during transportation. Qualified service means that the operators have experience dealing with different conditions and problems. They will have experience with different vehicles and will know the proper way to tow them. Good tow truck drivers are also proficient with towing manuals. Because this is an emergency, it is better to spend a little more money to get good service than spend less and risk damage to your car.

Simply hooking up the car and pulling it is no longer a safe method of towing. The situation is different because modern cars are built with different complexities. Good tow truck drivers will always follow the instructions in the manual regarding towing your vehicle.

Professional tow trucks have blinkers, flashing lights, and other ways to warn oncoming vehicles of their presence. The drivers will also use these features to alert drivers as they move along the road. Drivers who tow can use a variety of braking systems, including electric brakes and surge brakes. For legal and safety purposes, trailers need brake lights, turn signals, and parking lights. Drivers can also consider adding reflectors for extra safety. 

One of the biggest mechanical dangers you will face is the wheels. Some vehicles have manuals that state that none of the wheels should be on the ground. This is to prevent damage to the wheel drive system. If both you and the tow truck driver fail to notice this, you could cause serious damage to the car. To prevent this, towing needs to be flat-bedded. Unfortunately, not every towing service can allow this so it is best to check before and inform the towing company before they can send help.

More than that, ensure that you have checked the capacity that the tow truck can pull. Finally, agree on the price of the services before you get your car towed to prevent future disputes once the car is fixed.