Towing Damaged Vehicles

           When a vehicle is damaged that it cannot move or if it has met with an accident, towing of the vehicle is to be done for further repairs. Roadside services provide this towing and repair service as well as making the solution to the problem simple.

        The service providers tow the vehicle using wreckers and by implementing equipment according to the trailer vehicle. The towing mechanisms available are the boom, wheel lift, integrated lift, flatbed, lift flatbed. Depending upon the damage of the vehicle and its capacity, the towing mechanism is chosen.

     For example, if the car is completely immobile, a flatbed is used where the vehicle is completely lifted and carried on the bed of the wrecker. If the car is mobile but has other troubles, then a wheel lift is used, making the rear wheel pair to move along with the wrecker.

      This service can also be used for lifting vehicles from ditches and off roads if the vehicle had an accident. Thus, the roadside service provider is more practical who tows the vehicle and gets it repaired in their garage which is not such with normal towing services that do not provide vehicle repair services. Therefore, always use caution and exercise proper judgment when using a service for towing of your vehicle

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