Winching Services


    Winching is a procedure to haul or lift a vehicle. The name of the instrument gives the name to this procedure as winching. Mounting on a carrier vehicle’s back or to the back of a truck, a winch is used to either tow a vehicle or to pull a vehicle from ditches. 

How does winch work :

     The instrument has a wire rope with a hook-like holding mechanism to its end. The wire rope is wound around the spool of a cylindrical drum. This drum is powered by either an electric motor or hydraulic motor which can pull the wire rope towards itself. This helps the winch to pull vehicles that fell into a river or into ditches or went off-road.


     Along with hauling, the winch can tow a vehicle without using a powered rotor. This gives the superior advantage to the winches over other towing mechanisms. It has a simple and compact structure. Moreover, it is not bulky and remains attached to the vehicle.

     Every winch has its own hauling limit due to which the towing service providers usually have multiple winches with different winching capacity. However, this winching capacity comes down with time due to the wear and tear of these mechanical parts. Hence, servicing the winches once in a while is recommended to maintain the winching capacity.

To maintain your winch, you must make sure you find a practitioner with proper credentials and training to safely handle the integrity of your machinery. In this setting, do not go with the cheapest practitioner, rather, find a trusted source to handle your winch’s maintenance.

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